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Cat Bed & Breakfast

In The Pearl District.

Nightly Rates:

                    $25 for a night.
                   $45 for 2 nights.
                   $70 for 3 nights.
                   $85 for 4 nights.
                  $100 for 5 nights.
  Additional $5 a night for the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years.
  Special rates available for longer stays
                and multiple cats.

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 Karen For Kitties Bed & Breakfast in the Pearl District gives our guest the 4 paws treatment during their stay. Buffy and Kitty are my senior cats that make great concierge's. We have a very spacious 2 bd/2 bath with a great view for our guest to roam free in. The second bedroom is a guest room and litter boxes are in both bathrooms, which are scooped twice a day and completely cleaned weekly. We offer customize options such as type of litter and box cover on/off. My fur babies are on a daily playtime routine and demand lots of petting so they have me trained well. We have every kind of cat toy there is including treat feeders and other interactive toys for non-stop entertainment. Each room has comfy cat beds and windows with perches for the live daily show "Morning Birds". Daily pictures and videos can be sent during course of stay. The Pearl Animal Hospital is located just a few blocks away and we have a cat stroller for transport. Guest must be vaccinated and free of fleas.

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